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  • Magfire Magnesium Firestarter - Model 461116

Magfire Magnesium Firestarter - Model 461116

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Out of Stock - Magfire Magnesium Firestarter - Model 461116
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The new MAGFIRE Magnesium Firestarter has been developed by survival experts to work trouble free after getting wet, in a storm and below freezing point.

  • Hiking safety - In a emergency situation a campfire can save your life. By using fire or smoke you could signal help for rescue. Fire will give you protection, warmth, dry your gear, make your water drinkable and cook your food.
  • Traditional methods - When traditional matches are long enough in contact with humid air they won't work any more. "Old matches" are fragile and crumbles easily. Butane lighters don't last long and they won't work in a storm, highly humid conditions or in cold weather. When they become wet or cold these lighters won't work at all.
  • A new way to make a campfire - A group of survival experts started to develop a simple and reliable firestarter for any weather condition. As a result, they achieved a new production method, which led to a unique metal alloy. When this metal is striked with a sharp metal object it produced extremely hot sparks, which are able to set tinder on fire.
  • For rough conditions - MAGFIRE is a practical fire starter from demanding professional use to backyard barbeques. Military experts has been involved in the development process and the army is one of the major user of this metal. The MAGFIRE metal has been tested and found to be safe in respected research institutes.
  • Produces a 3,000°C (5,500°F) hot spark
  • MAGFIRE lasts for 3,000 strikes.
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Will not break in tough conditions
  • Safe to use, won't burn or ignite itself
  • Can be used as a signal for help
  • Tolerates temperature fluctuation
  • Made of 6 different metals, incl. magnesium
  • MAGFIRE™ is used by campers,hunters, fishermen, sailors, pilots, authorities and survival experts, but it’s also practical for cabin and backyard use.
  • Includes fire-building instructions!

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