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  • Warrior Blades Deluxe Okinaga Katana Sword - Model 469

Warrior Blades Deluxe Okinaga Katana Sword - Model 469

Code: SW0469
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Out of Stock - Warrior Blades Deluxe Okinaga Katana Sword - Model 469
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Stand for illustration only not supplied with sword.

The Deluxe Okinaga Katana Sword. The blade is made of hand-forged high-carbon steel.

Key features :

AISI 1060 carbon steel blade with folded steel pattern

Saya : high quality wooden saya

Handle material: guenuine ray skin & hard wood

Supplied with a quality patterned sword bag


Handle length : 11” - 28cm

Blade length : 28.5" - 72.5cm

Overall length : 41“ - 104cm

Tsuba : oval with inlay

Weight : 1.35kg approx


Blade: The blade of the sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making. Hand forged blade with full tang can cut bamboo with strike.

Two pieces outer jacket steel (folded steel) wrapped around a relatively softer, inner iron core, which is resilient and able to absorb shocks, in a way, reduces the possibility of the blade breaking or bending.

More important is its blade made of pucker steel. AISI 1060 arbon steel was forged several times, and then be shaped a rolled steel, called folded steel, whereafter, forged again putting folded steel dividual on the 2 sides of AISI 1095 carbon high steel. High carbon steel make edge strong and reach the cutting standard, One piece of iron in the core and folded steel keep blade more flexibility .

The visible tenuous undulating grain on the blade was resulted from folded repeatedly during forging. and the blade has been hand polished with multiple grade stones by japanese method, this made the blade very smooth,

This blade was clay tempered and has more than 14 process hand sharpening work. hamon resulted from quenching and tempering

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